Portsmouth: Keep votes public, vote no on #9

Portsmouth: Keep votes public, vote no on #9


To the editor:

You will be asked on November 6th whether or not to approve changes to the Portsmouth Town Charter, which will affect how our local government will operate.

The Charter currently states that all votes be taken in public by the Town Council. I feel that this adds an EXTRA layer of TRANSPARANCY to the way the Town conducts its business. If this question is approved, it would ELIMINATE the requirement that all VOTES be taken in PUBLIC.  Votes taken in CLOSED sessions may or MAY NOT be disclosed to the public if litigation or POTENTIAL litigation is being discussed I feel that this has the potential for abuse. The Town IS ALLOWED under State Law to adhere to a GREATER standard than is required by the Open Meetings Act, therefore I believe that the EXISTING CHARTER language should be UPHELD.

Please vote NO on Question #9 and hold Portsmouth’s elected officials to a HIGHER STANDARD!  Thank you.

Judi Staven