These two were outstanding school leaders

These two were outstanding school leaders


To the editor:

How often do we hear American people lamenting the lack of good leaders in our national, state and local community?  At a time when the approval rating of the U.S. Congress is at or near single digits, the conclusion is that we are in need of good elected leaders across the board.  Perhaps our lament clouds our vision so that we cannot see good leaders that are right before our eyes.  Perhaps we become so jaundiced that we cannot see the forest for the trees.

I believe that such may be the case on the School Committee right here in Portsmouth.  Two of our elected School Committee members, Marilyn King and Angela Volpicelli, have shown the courage to ignore partisan politics and vote instead for what they feel is right.  These two School Committee members have consistently demonstrated concern for the quality of education and at the same time, worked to control spiraling taxes.

Specific accomplishments that have been achieved as a result of the intelligent and courageous actions of Marilyn King and Angela Volpicelli include:

  • School Department projected deficit erased.
  • $1 million surplus retuned to the town.
  • School Department purchased new text books, technology equipment and playground equipment for the Middle School.

We continually hear criticism for politicians who cannot, or do not, work with other members across the aisle, and yet when these two courageous School Committee members stepped up and did just that, they lost the endorsement of their party.  The question quickly resolved itself into a dilemma for the voting public in Portsmouth; do we really want leaders of integrity who can work constructively for the good of Portsmouth schools or do we want elected leaders who blindly fall in behind their political party?

Robert Bledsoe