Politicians losing the ability to compromise

Politicians losing the ability to compromise


To the editor:

I’ve always been interested in the process of politics. We should consider ourselves very fortunate that we live in a country of democracy. The thought of having the right to vote for leaders to govern our towns, states and country should be considered a gift.

The different political parties give the American people the choice to belong to a group with diverse points of view. Conservative, liberal or independent, you have the right to choose. I think the system has worked well through the years. It has checks and balances to make it a fair and competitive way to run the country. There has always been a sense of civility during the election process. Obviously, since there are different thought processes from the political parties there will always be conflicts and disagreements. But the end result has been that both parties would come to a compromise and do what was best for the country.

But in the past eight years American politics has taken a turn for the worse.

Somehow the strategy now is personal attacks on the candidates. Negative advertising, false accusations and a lack of civility have become the norm. It seems that both political parties refuse to work with each other. They both have this “us against them” mentality. This refusal to work amongst the parties has also trickled down to the state and town levels.

A stalemate in Congress will have devastating implications for the future of the country. The major divide between the two political parties could quite possibly never be repaired if people don’t come to a compromise in the near future. The question is;,can both congress and the American people somehow find common ground? Will they put politics aside and do what is right for the country? I hope and pray we can.

Alec Grande