Political fund-raising: Who’s paying for what?

Political fund-raising: Who’s paying for what?


To the editor:

Quid pro quo: A simple little phrase that has so much meaning.

Today I watched a program trying to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The total desire is to help people, most likely never to be known by the donors. The total goal is to raise funds for treatment and research into a terrible problem, cancer. You never know the individuals who will benefit – you just know that people much less fortunate than yourself are benefited.
Contrast that to political fund-raising. There are huge amounts of money raised to get someone’s attention and usually for self-serving benefit: “I’ll give something to you but I want something in return.”
Special treatment of a form. Sure. Best of all is that it can be done with almost certain anonymity. It could also be called “buying special favors.” The donors could be groups of people, e.g.. unions, corporate heads, special interest groups, etc. Usually, without clear identification of the source. I want something from you and I’ll pay for it.
I see this as a sad state of affairs.
Thomas G. Breslin, M.D.