Point Club will refrain from debate until regulators rule

Point Club will refrain from debate until regulators rule


To the editor:

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (RIDEM) held a public hearing on November 20, 2012, to provide an opportunity for individuals to comment on the Sakonnet Point Club’s application to relocate the outfall of the club’s desalinization system from its current permit location in the river to the harbor.

Nine individuals from Little Compton spoke at the hearing. Although Ms. Mary W. “Mimi” Karlsson did not appear in person, she did submit a written copy of her comments to the department. I believe that she has provided a copy to your newspaper.

The Point Club fully acknowledges the right of Ms. Karlsson and other members of the Little Compton community to make comments, express their opinions and to pursue “due process” as provided to all citizens under Rhode Island statutes. The club further acknowledges that it is the Coastal Resources Management Council’s (CRMC) and RIDEM’s responsibility on behalf of the public to separate scientific fact from opinion in arriving at decisions that are consistent with state statutes and regulations regarding water quality.

As the permitting process moves through its final steps and in respect of the regulators’ review process, the Point Club believes that it is not appropriate to engage in a debate with Ms. Karlsson in the press. The club’s application and supporting materials submitted to RIDEM and CRMC are available for all to review as public documents. These documents along with those provided by Ms. Karlsson and others will inform the regulators’ decisions.

If appropriate, the club will provide your newspaper with comment after RIDEM and CRMC have concluded their review and announced their decisions regarding the Club’s permit applications.

Chris Burns
President, Sakonnet Point Club

Little Compton