Letter: Parents should beware of Common Core

Letter: Parents should beware of Common Core


To the editor:

On Wednesday night during the Little Compton school committee meeting I sat in amazement at how some parents and taxpayers came to fight vigorously for a position that we on the school committee, with advice from the superintendent, have approved to remove, their impassioned pleas about the need for this person and just how important technology is for today’s students.

I am personally curious why you are so concerned about technology and not about the specific education your children are getting this year?  Where is cursive writing going? What type of vocabulary will our children be learning? Are you not paying attention to the changes in their education?  Have you sat down with your child to do homework and wondered what is this all about and then showed your child how to do it your way?

There were two votes taken at the meeting one supporting Tiverton’s pause on PARCC and another to support a bill by Representative Amore to pause PARCC testing, and basically evaluate common core.  Not one parent even questioned why we would consider these votes.

As a school committee person who is personally and professionally against common core I would suggest you keep a very close eye on what is going to happen to the education of your children in the next several years, especially if Mr. Arruda or Mrs. Crowley is not here to make sure it fits with the tenor of our town.

Peg Bugara

Member, Little Compton School Committee

Little Compton




  1. Ms. Bugara, I would suggest that the “amazement” you are experiencing would be better focused on the illogical decision to indiscriminately fire a teacher of ten years who has an indisputable record of producing the highest Computer Technology scores in the entire state. Please do not suggest that by caring about Computer Technology , we somehow do NOT care about the core subjects of math, science and reading. Of course we care and it is insulting to parents for you to imply otherwise. We care about the implementation of the Common Core and the new PARCC testing. These are OUR children who go to school every day and are experiencing these new standards and tests. But as responsible, caring, reasonable parents, we also want our kids to be prepared for the world that they live in, and that involves teaching them to use computers and the technology driving this world. That is REALITY. To remove an outstanding Computer Technology educator is irresponsible and does a huge disservice to our children. We wish that you would respect our right to voice this belief.