On Nov. 6, reject status quo in Warren

On Nov. 6, reject status quo in Warren


To the editor:

Last Monday night the people spoke! It’s now common knowledge that almost 400 voters turned out in adverse conditions to support the Hope & Main project, dramatically exceeding expectations. Due to the overwhelming turnout voters were then asked to relocate from Town Hall to the Middle School. Amazingly, the vast majority did so. When it came time to vote, all but a small handful of naysayers resoundingly approved the proposal.

Considering that Warren’s annual financial town meeting to decide a budget in excess of $20 million regularly struggles to meet a quorum of 125 voters, what conclusion may be drawn from such a large positive turnout? It’s that after years of economic stagnation, the Hope & Main project represents the seeds of a new economic revival for Warren — the public is excited by the possibilities and clearly sees it as a step in the right direction.

It was not that long ago that this event might have turned out differently, when those representing the entrenched status quo would have had the power to quash the idea. However, the landscape is changing for the better and as concerned citizens we must not allow this momentum to wane.

Nov. 6 is an opportunity, an opportunity to reject the status quo and vote for candidates who understand the need to explore fresh ideas while also preserving the historic character of our town. Our community will not improve if we continue to elect individuals that blindly follow the regressive party line, individuals that vote and make appointments based on antiquated ideas and cronyism. We need leaders that recognize Warren’s potential and are willing to make the bold yet prudent decisions to enrich our community. Please carefully consider the votes you cast on Election Day and choose candidates that embrace change, creativity, and a willingness to explore new ideas.

Brandt Heckert

26 State St.