Not just another day at the beach

Not just another day at the beach


To the editor:

On Saturday, August 4, my neighbor Fernando and I walked to the town beach in Warren, a routine activity. Also routine, we talked all the way, and all the way into the water, and indeed, all the way through our exercising. We were gathering our things to walk home when I realized my keys were not in my pocket!

You guessed it: My car key and apartment key lost in the river, and the tide would be coming in for two more hours!
For the next few hours many beach-goers of all ages helped me search the waterline and river bottom. Lifeguards Chris and Sophia, and their supervisor, Joe, helped out by answering my numerous questions about the tides and most advantageous search methods. Joe even helped pin- point our location, because we had entered the water about 20 minutes before the beach opened – and he apparently was being watchful until the lifeguards were on duty.

One of the folks who helped search was Kevin Ferreira, who borrowed his young son’s scuba mask. Nearly six hours after I estimate they must have slipped from my pocket in five feet of water, Kevin hollered from about that same depth and raised my keys in the air like the catch of the day!

Needless to say, I want to thank Kevin, and all the folks who generously gave up relaxation or “beach-blanket time” to help me recover my keys. I also want to thank everyone to whom I told my story that day, for their compassion. Not once did anyone else say what I was thinking, “Ugh… why couldn’t I have been more careful…!?”

I also want to compliment the Town of Warren for operating such a topnotch park and beach for us all to enjoy. The rest rooms are kept clean, the grounds are picked up and well-groomed, personnel are professional, courteous and accommodating — all factors, I believe, that contributed to the pleasant helpfulness I experienced from fellow beach-goers Saturday, when I forgot to empty my pocket before going for a swim.

Thanks everyone!

Linda M Remington

820 Main St.