No harm meant by ‘bomb clock’ — We’re sorry

No harm meant by ‘bomb clock’ — We’re sorry


To the editor:

On November 15, you published an article entitled, “Tiverton bomb scare caused by movie-like prank clock.” The article was thorough and accurate however it portrayed my husband and I as some kind of crazy people who condone scaring others.

My husband, Mark, received this alarm clock as a Christmas present meant as a joke from our son, Adam. Both are engineers and it was meant as a fun kit to put together. Mark placed it on his workbench to act as a clock so as not to lose track of time. For my part, I forgot all about it entirely. During an open house, our realtor spotted the device and correctly reported it to the police. We certainly are not the type of people who intentionally build a “seriously dangerously” looking alarm clock or ” the kind of device that can make people freak out and call the authorities.” We simply forgot it was there.

We commend Chief Blakely, the Tiverton Police Department, the State Police, the state Fire Marshal and Bomb Squad, and realtor Deb Plante for taking the appropriate action to ensure our safety. We also deeply apologize to any of our neighbors who were inconvenienced by the evacuation. We now have an incredible story to tell our grandchildren, and as for Adam …

Sincerely and ruefully, Nancy Chester