Letter: No bus to Tiverton: Same old tired RIPTA excuses

Letter: No bus to Tiverton: Same old tired RIPTA excuses


To the editor:

I saw the new Sakonnet Times bus story and the same old RIPTA rep. quotes. I just have to ask, why do the weight restrictions apply only to RIPTA?

Peter Pan bus line runs four times a day from Newport down East Main Road and over the over the Sakonnet River Bridge on its way to Boston. Does RIPTA even know that? They seem oblivious. And they cross state line to do it — they pick people up in both states!

Peter Pan and SRTA are the only way to travel to Providence, Newport, Boston or Fall River from Tiverton without a car as it is illegal to ride a bike or walk over the Sakonnet River Bridge to get to a RIPTA line in Portsmouth and it has been like this for years.

The Peter Pan bus costs a minimum of $14 one way. This only alternative is never in any stories?

Why don’t you ask them a question they are not always ready for? It’s like cut and paste to read an article about RIPTA and Tiverton. It’s not fair.

The reason they stopped the bus is to save money and no one bothered to tell them no. It is shameful that they got away with it for this long.

Colleen Gilmartin