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Letter: Next election, remember Chafee and tolls

By   /   April 17, 2013  /   1 Comment

Photos by Rich Dionne At Thursday's bridge celebration, Governor Chafee hears from Portsmouth's Lawrence Silvia and others about his toll plan for the new Sakonnet River Bridge.

Photos by Rich Dionne
At last summer’s bridge celebration, Governor Chafee hears from Portsmouth’s Lawrence Silvia and others about his toll plan for the new Sakonnet River Bridge.

To the editor:

Aquidneck Island has been scorched once again by the Chafee legacy. The late Senator John Chafee, as Secretary of the Navy back in the 1970′s, presided over the removal of the Navy fleet from Newport.  It devastated Newport’s economy and it took years for Newport to rebuild its economy around tourism.  This transformation has been a boon to Aquidneck Island and somewhat of a “cash cow” for the State of Rhode Island.

And who shows up to do it again to Aquidneck Island?  It’s John Chafee’s son, Governor Lincoln Chafee.  He has decided to put a hefty toll on the new Sakonnet River Bridge this year, and the General Assembly went along with it because of its insatiable appetite for money. Even Senate PresidentTeresa Paiva-Weed from Newport supported it!

This move will hurt business on both sides of the bridge and, because there is already a $4 toll on the Pell Bridge, it is predicted to once again devastate Aquidneck Island’s economy.  It will certainly discourage tourism and will stop many people from crossing the bridge to shop or dine.

There’s an election coming up next year.  It is our opportunity to rid ourselves once and for all of politicians with the last name of Chafee.  Enough damage has been done by the Chafee politicians – especially to Aquidneck Island.  And we should also think very deeply about some of our other politicians who have sold the state down the river time and time again.

Roger Lord

Little Compton Taxpayers Association, STOP Committer Member

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1 Comment

  1. There is a little inaccuracy with this story. John Chafee was the Secretary of the Navy and he did oversee the closing of Quonset Point Naval Air Station but it was under orders from President Nixon. Nixon was punishing Rhode Island for not supporting him in the 1972 election. John Chafee was just following orders. He was a distinguished statesman who served this state well as Governor and Senator. It’s just too bad a little of that didn’t rub off on his son. Such a disappointment.

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