New state mailboxes no match for snow

To the editor:
When Peckham Road, a portion of Long Highway and Colebrook Road in Little Compton were repaved a year or so ago, the state replaced all the mailboxes. I believe these were designed to cause less damage to vehicles and people when hit. Unfortunately, they are no match for heavy snow thrown against them by snowplows.
After the storm of February 9 at least 16, almost 60 percent, of the free standing or first in a row of several mailboxes on Peckham Road show signs of damage. Obviously these mailboxes are not suitable for our weather conditions and tax money has been wasted to purchase and install them – now to repair them.
The Rhode Island information office (222-2000) says that the number to call is 401-734-4842 to connect with a woman who handles mailbox repair.
Walter S. Cluett
Little Compton

One Comment;

  1. lctaxpayer said:

    how true i have noticed the that many of themhave not survived a snow storm,what a watse of taxpayers money once again