More good things done by Portsmouth council

More good things done by Portsmouth council


To the editor:

In response to Mr. Matais article of Sept. 27 in which he enumerated good things that the Portsmouth Town Council has accomplished, I would like to add a few more:

  • The Council, under the leadership of Mr. Robicheau, and supported by Ms. Staven, Ms. Pedro,  Mr.  Hamilton, and Mr. Kesson, contracted an outside personnel placement firm to find a new town administrator.  This decision was unique to Portsmouth, but the final result exceeded all expectations.  Our new town administrator, Mr. Klimm, brings extensive experience, skill, and intelligence to the town.  The council followed up the process by preparing and executing a position description and annual goals and objectives, neither had ever been done before.
  • The council, through the office of the new town administrator, created a Five Year Capital Improvement Plan and established line items in the budget to fund the projects contained in the Five Year Plan.  Again, this had never been done before.  Some of the items on the new Five Year plan have already been initiated; road Improvements.
  • The council has voted to preserve the Glen Farm for future generations.
  • The council has hired a labor attorney to assist the town in negotiating contracts with our public unions.

One thing this council did not do was to approve and construct the wind turbine at the high school.  Only one of the sitting members of the council, James Seveney, was on the council when the wind mill was approved.

Forest Golden