Modern Democrats have lost their way

Modern Democrats have lost their way


To the editor:

Believe me when I say that it would be quite a stretch to even suggest that the National Democratic Party bears any resemblance to the Democratic Party of our parents and grandparents.

In 1960, I voted for John Kennedy, who was considered God-fearing pro-life, and who believed in massive tax cuts and a strong defense that employed preemptive action when necessary. He was also a believer that marriage is the union of one man and one woman and clearly urged every citizen to do whatever he or she could do for the country rather than the other way around.

However, as I watched the first night of the Democratic Convention, I was simply flabbergasted to see that the platform, for the first time in its history, included no mention of God and endorsed the marriage of two men or that of two women. Initially, I simply thought that these inclusions had simply been inserted under the cloak of darkness, perhaps done so by a small number of radical Progressive fanatics. But, to my surprise I was wrong. In fact, in an attempt to strike out the “No God” inclusion the moderator failed on three occasions to obtain the necessary majority to do so.

Consequently, in a state of perplexity he simply decided to rule in favor of discarding it. Following that, many rose and loudly booed the decision. That was the first time in my lifetime that I had ever experienced a crowd of that size rise up and so strongly and unequivocally oppose simply the mention of the word “God” at such a public event. Perhaps such may have occurred in China, North Korea or the late USSR, but never in the U.S.! No, this new Democratic Party has been fundamentally transformed. It has finally been infiltrated by a significant number who have changed their political ideologies from “Liberal” to “Modern Progressives.”

Many of these people truly believe that our inalienable rights come from the government rather than from God. They believe that the Constitution is an impediment to progress. They are the intellectual elites of our society who simply know more than the rest of us and, as such, should be the ones to tell us how to live.

It’s a shame though that many of their values to not reflect those of our Creator nor of our Constitution.

Ray Stebbins
5 Hezekiah Road


  1. While Mr. Stebbins laments the lack of “God” at the Democratic Convention, the Democratic Party continues to fight for funding to feed the poorest of our society and to clothe the needy and give comfort to the sick. The Republican Party wraps themselves in “God” and yet, fights to take funding away from the poor to give tax cuts to the rich, President Bush claimed “God” told him to invade Iraq, the Catholic Church to this day continues to cover up a massive child molestation ring in the courts, and The Pope tells us we need to live more humble lives while literally covered in gold.

    Perhaps the younger generation has caught on the the empty rhetoric and hypocrisy of our religious leaders and that is why they have turned their backs on religion. Religion is not necessary to lead good lives and to do the right thing. The younger generation seems to know the difference between right and wrong, even when the wrong is backed by religious justification. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that religion has been used as an excuse to commit horrible atrocities against our fellow man for ages.

    As for your opposition to gay people getting married, there is a solution for that – you don’t have to marry a gay person. Otherwise, this is really none of your business. While leaders of the Republican party like Newt Gingrich and Rush Limbaugh are on their third and fourth marriages, leave their wives when they get a cancer diagnosis, have affairs behind their wives backs (because he loves America so much!), and continue to “upgrade” their wives for younger ones, not to mention abuse prescription drugs, maybe the younger generation has a respect for genuine love, regardless of gender, that you do not.

    Love between two people is love between two people. Overall, The Bible really doesn’t spend too much time condemning homosexuals. I suggest you spend more time on your own happiness instead of fighting to take it away from others.

    I was brought up Catholic and learned a few things. One of them – Judge not lest ye shall be judged.

    Mark MacDougall
    25 Laurel Lane