Military pensions need to be modified

Military pensions need to be modified


To the editor:

I was out of town when a letter supporting Republicans Doherty and Hinckley appeared in the Oct. 11 edition of the Phoenix so please excuse this late reply.

The letter was signed by 7 military people — 3 retired and at least 1 active duty. The letter stated that the concerned writers believe that a “fundamental transformation” is taking place in our country by the Obama Administration and the Democratic Party, and that the country is moving in a direction that is destructive to our federal system of government and the values that guided our Founding Fathers as embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. It goes on to say that public office holders should possess four essential attributes — character, courage, competence, and commitment.

First, what exactly is this “fundamental transformation” that the Obama Administration is doing? This hints at some conspiracy to undermine our government. Did Donald Trump approve this message? Please explain what this transformation is.

Secondly, the Democratic Party has been asking the Romney/Ryan team exactly how they will create 12 million new jobs, how much they will be cutting Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid in order to pay for tax cuts and increases in military spending? What is their public education plan, what tax loopholes are they going to close, and why won’t Mr. Romney release 10 years of tax returns like all previous candidates? It seems like the only thing Republicans are clear about is denying a woman the right to make decisions about her own health.

Next, I believe that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution are superb documents that have stood as a guide as we progress forward; but these documents were written 200-plus years ago, long before assault weapons and 60 round clips of ammo. We need to deal with today’s problems using the Constitution as a base and then apply what we have learned since it was written to form tomorrow’s legislation.

Lastly, as you know our yearly military budget is approximately $500 billion plus another $150 billion for the Afghan war, etc. If you add up what the next 10 countries with the largest militaries, spending would not reach the $500 billion we spend. In RI, we all know that our state pension was underfunded in recent years and as a result, state retirees were ordered to forgo cost of living increases for 10 years. We also know that the federal government is seriously underfunded with the national debt approaching $16 trillion.

In light of these facts, I suggest that all military pensions be modified to eliminate cost of living increases for 10 years. Let’s show a little character, courage, competence and commitment.

David Swanson
150 Ferry Road


  1. Mr. Swanson,

    As a member of the military myself and a veteran of 7 deployments, numerous training missions and schools… out of the last 20 years I’ve been away from my family for half that time.

    I’ve served under bother Republicans and Democrats and have done the above based on their orders.

    The fact that you’d rather cut our pension, something we’ve earned with blood and sweat before cutting institutions where people simply need to be born and not make any contribution to society what so ever is infuriating and shows exactly why the letter mentioned in your missive was written.

    I find it funny that Democrats are willing to bankroll illegal immigrants going to school in our state, increase welfare rolls, ect. and when they talk about cuts the first people they mention are members of the military and the benefits they earned after at least 20 years of service to the nation. It’s very telling about the type of people they are.

    As far as the Constitution, it is law. It isn’t some nicely worded letter, it is what our government is based on. Without it, a President could be in office for life without any elections. There would be no protections for Free speech which your letter is protected under, civil rights, equal protection, freedom of religion, freedom to associate, freedom of the press, the powers of our three branches of government and their limitations are all covered in the constitution and it is all LAW.

    People like you are why we need to get rid of Obama, if someone like you supports him… he can’t be good.