McHugh, like fine pizza, worthy of support

McHugh, like fine pizza, worthy of support


To the editor:

Opposition candidates in Little Compton elections are as rare as a decent pizza. And like a decent pizza most people would not recognize one if was under their nose.

We’ll I know pizza and here is my choice for a decent opposition candidate. Pat McHugh is a candidate for Little Compton treasurer and he deserves your support.

He is a qualified accountant, generous with his time to the community and since I have worked side by side with him can vouch that he is tenacious and committed to doing it right the first time. Look around and see the hundreds of hours he has spent coaching over 300 of your children for the past six years. As manager of the Town Recreation and Open Space Committee he has been able to find grants to have the basketball court lighted and new dugouts build. He has been clever in finding other people’s money to help our town. He knows the value of a dollar since he is a small business owner and actually gets his hand dirty earning his money.

Unfortunately by the accident of his native little Compton parents moving to Kansas for work he has only lived here since 1973. He could also be a bit taller and walk around once a while in a suit.

All I know is that he will do more than is expected and do it with class and intelligence. Make it right vote for Pat.

Robert Marra

Little Compton