Lynch’s charges against Briden on Pond View are baseless

Lynch’s charges against Briden on Pond View are baseless


To the editor,
As one of many residents who has fought for the closure of TLA Pond View for a number of years, I was astounded to read the criticism of James Briden by Ward 1 City Council opponent Edward Lynch in the September 27 edition of The Post, (Ward 1 City Council candidates Lynch, Briden spar over Pond View, outside legal costs.)
It is natural for one candidate to find fault with his opponent. It is something else when that candidate spins groundless lies in order to win favor with constituents who he has ignored and failed to support involving an issue which has directly harmed human health and the environment since that illegal polluter began belching its toxins in 1998. In the article,
“…Mr. Lynch chided his opponent for his perceived lack of initiative on issues rrelated to the disputed recycling plant while he served the city as its legal representative.”
I can tell you first hand that Lynch’s accusation is a fantasy straight out of Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory. “Come with me and you’ll see a world of pure imagination,” goes the song and Lynch’s imagination has concocted this whopper of a lie to fool the voters into giving him ill deserved power this November. Is Pond View your Golden Ticket, Mr. Lynch? Are you going to come in after the battle, skulk over to the winning side, pick up their banner and march gloriously into office on the heels of our work and sacrifice? The short answer is no, Mr. Lynch.
The longer answer is that my fellow residents and I sat through those glacially long City Council meetings as Rogers, Rose and other opponents defied the public will in favor of their own agendas. We attended every meeting of the East Providence Zoning Board of Review and saw them rule against Pond View 5-0. We knew that James Briden was aware of resident concerns regarding Pond View as City Solicitor and he did all he could to address them in his official capacity.
Mr. Lynch, I hereby take back your Golden Ticket and I invite you to join us in the real world of facts, reason, honesty and accountability.
You are clearly unacquainted with these concepts and it is cowardly to claim victory in a battle that you had no part in winning.
We have helped return clean air and water to you as well, Mr. Lynch. If you can’t be grateful, at least be honest.
Tim Norton
180 Bourne Ave.


  1. Honesty never was one of Mr. Lynch’s qualities, nor is accountability. It’s not a “Cinch with Lynch” when Ed and Mayor Rogers had it planned to hire Lynch’s nephew as city manager, only reason it did not happen, because he did not want to live in the city of corruption East Providence. According to Ed’s buddy Rogers the record is sealed. What a joke, who does not know about that one Ed??

    Since leaving his position as city solicitor, as a resident, Mr. Briden has continued to work with the residents against Pond View, never letting them give up hope.

    Ed you have no shame when you face the people in Ward One on this issue, you could care less. Hopefully next time we meet you will be wearing a brown bag over your head like the unknown comic. Which by the way would make a better picture than the one you are using now from 20 years ago.

  2. The LIES of Mr. Lynch on Pond View:
    1. No residents have even toured Pond View.
    2. Mr. Lynch knew they were in financial trouble.
    3. Mr. Lynch did not know how in 1998 Pond View got their license
    4. Mr. Lynch will always stand up for the taxpayer
    TRUE answers to your lies Mr. Lynch is as follows:
    1. Residents did in fact tour Pond View, you were not there with them.
    2. You did not know they were in financial trouble until you read it in the news paper.
    3. Your good friend Kenneth Walker sat on the zoning board the night the license was approved. Read the zoning board decision.
    4. Your family and grandchildren live in Ward 1, you did not fight for them against Pond View with the taxpayers (residents) of Ward 1.
    That is why your golden ticket was taken back.