Lynch congratulates Briden for East Providence Council win

Lynch congratulates Briden for East Providence Council win


To the editor,
I would like to congratulate Jim Briden, my opponent who won the (Ward 1) council seat on November 6. It was a great campaign, but my opponent got the job done to get elected. I wish him the best of luck in his new undertaking. We both worked very hard, and he succeeded.

I concentrated on going door-to-door for weeks, targeting over 900 seniors who turned out to vote for me with many other people in Ward 1. My eyes will be wide open for the next two years, and I hope the people elected can finally get along with each other for the sake of the citizens of the city. The past two years have been very upsetting to me and many other East Providence constituents, especially when there were two council people sitting at meetings with such sad-looking faces.

I am one person that seldom quits. In 1990 I was defeated by nine votes as your state representative, and I came back in two years and won by 800 votes, because the voters knew that they had made a mistake. Like General MacArthur once said, “I shall return.”

So, let’s get Pond View cleaned up once and for all, which seems to be one of the major concerns of Rumford. I also hope that the newly-elected city council can work together and start a new commission with capable business people and with someone from the workforce to bring in business to East Providence. We currently have many empty buildings in the city, and by giving new businesses tax breaks and perks, we can conceivably bring jobs into East Providence.

Finally, I just want to thank all the people who supported me in this election. I hope everything works out for East Providence during the next two years. Thank you.
Edward Lynch