Loss of Tiverton senior bus has hit us hard

Loss of Tiverton senior bus has hit us hard


To the editor:

I am writing to thank Joe Souza and your paper for printing his recent letter concerning the Tiverton Senior Center bus.

My husband and I began to ride the bus two years ago when he had to give up his license for medical reasons. We rode the bus twice a week, every week, to grocery shop, get to the drug stores, post office and bank.

We have ben without the bus for months. While family and friends have been very helpful, we have all lost another piece of our independence.

I know there are other problems in town that are also in need of attention. I only ask you to think about how you felt the last time your mechanic told you that he couldn’t fix your car for two days. How difficult was it for you when your doctor said you shouldn’t drive your car for two weeks?

We have been without the senior bus since March — 5 1/2 long months.

Can you help us? Do you know someone who can?

Hopefully that person reads the Sakonnet Times

Maureen True



  1. Your welcome Maureen. I hope this council moves to find a solution fast. I see large vans for thirty thousand dollars on line. Management could be better in these affairs. PS Sousa with an s LOL.

  2. Another disgusting display of political opportunism by a political candidate. Weren’t you a member of the TCC, a group who in past budgets advocated cutting services to seniors? Weren’t you also part of the TCC’s 22% tax increase lie meant to scare folks just like the True’s. You politicians have no shame. If this was such a priority for you why weren’t you advocating for it during the budget committee meetings? Another self-serving political gas bag.