Local voters sent message to town council

Local voters sent message to town council


To the editor:

It has been a few weeks since the Presidential election. It has been long enough for all who voted to acquiesce to the results of same. Some will be happy and some not so — however the populous has spoken and now all must work together.

Speaking of the populous — it appears that the majority of voters in town voted against Proposition #7 — Affordable Housing Bonds.

That said, it sends a mandate to the members of the town council.

It is time to step up to change or amend the state affordable housing law as it pertains to Barrington.

That Barrington must build new homes to make our quota.

That Barrington needs 600-plus homes for affordable/low income buyers or renters.

That Barrington will absorb losses to developers.

That Barrington will subsidize taxes for buyers.

That every piece of existing vacant land in Barrington must have a percentage of affordable housing available, if developed.

We are a small town with limited space — if not careful we will have “housing developments” on every square foot of land — and still no room for our seniors.

Those of you who have been entrusted with our welfare, please start doing your job for us and address this situation with the state of RI.

I think you will find many residents that will help the cause.

Barbara Donovan