Little Compton: Where everyone does know your name

Little Compton: Where everyone does know your name


To the editor:

Just recently, an old high school friend returned from Europe. She and I spent some time together at the local beaches. She posed a question to me, “So what is it like to live in such a small community for so long?  Is it the like the sitcom, ‘Cheers’ where everyone knows your name?”

Yes, I suppose it is like that, but there’s also a sense of belonging, a knowing that if you needed something, the community would be there for you.

On Monday, August 11,the community did come together for me.  I was involved in a car accident on Peckham Road. I called the safety complex and within five minutes the police and rescue were at the accident site. They knew me by name, they asked if I was injured, they were concerned and compassionate and they gathered all the necessary information for me. They guided me, directed me and assured me. I felt as if I had family there with me.

Not only would I like to thank the LCPD and LCFD for their quick, caring and professional response, but additionally, I would like to point out that I know that my experience is not a unique one.  We, the citizens of Little Compton, are so very fortunate to live in a small caring community, in which “everyone does know your name” and they are there for you when you need them.

With sincere appreciation,

Sheri Massa

Little Compton