Disagree with Taxpayers Association at your peril

Disagree with Taxpayers Association at your peril


To the editor:

I question the judgment of the Sakonnet Times editors for publishing such a vitriolic letter from the Board of Directors of the Little Compton Taxpayers Association (LCTA). Were I a member of that powerful group whose members hide under a blanket of anonymity, I would be concerned that my board executed such a personal attack on a private citizen expressing an opinion in her August 23rd letter to the editor.

If anyone wonders why the Little Compton Town Council runs unopposed or why so few in Little Compton speak out on issues of importance, the LCTA letter to the editor on August 30 should provide a clue. You disagree with the objectives of the Taxpayers Association at your peril.

The issues raised in the former teacher’s letter were timely not timed for an election. The care of the expensive library books, the question of nepotism, and the issues of responsibility for a multi-million dollar
project have little to do with the writer’s financial circumstances, her attendance at meetings, or the current election. Naïve perhaps, but I would expect a group that considers itself a watchdog to share some of
the concerns of the letter writer.

I am a retired teacher from Little Compton. I belonged to the other LCTA. When the Little Compton Teachers’ Association (by definition it includes all the LC teachers) signs a letter, the membership is informed and the community knows the letter represents the thoughts of the majority of the teachers. I am also a Little Compton taxpayer. The Little Compton Taxpayers Association rarely reflects my views, and I do not approve of its tactics. There is no way to know who or how many share the sentiments of its Board. I would hope that there are very few members of the Little Compton Taxpayers Association who would endorse this kind of bullying, but I would appreciate seeing the names of those who do on letters such as the letter in your August 30 edition.

It is the stated policy of your newspaper that letters be signed and you claim to reject personal attacks. It appears to me that neither requirement was met by the LCTA.

Carol A. Belair

Little Compton

Editor’s note: The letter was submitted by Secretary/Treasurer Roger Lord for the LCTA, a fact that the Times should have indicated.