Letter: Yet another disheartening attack on CPA

Letter: Yet another disheartening attack on CPA


To the editor:

Once again Westport residents hear how bad the Community Preservation Act is, supported with reasoning based on misinformation. It is repeated year after year, and year after year those knowledgeable about the CPA respond with facts demonstrating how beneficial the CPA has been to the community.

Unfortunately, facts alone do not convey the depth and breadth of the benefits the CPA has provided. Volunteers who work so hard to make Westport a great place to live must be disheartened by these relentless attacks which persist even though the majority of voters at previous Town Meetings have repeatedly expressed their support of Westport’s participation in the CPA.

Let’s hope this unnecessary distraction from critical issues stops. Let the volunteers do their work without having to respond to unwarranted criticism, and let’s not discourage others from volunteering their time and expertise because of potential criticism by naysayers. Once again, vote no on question 3.

Phil Hudner