Letter: Windmills are a pipedream in RI

Letter: Windmills are a pipedream in RI


To the editor:
The most important information about renewable energy that all citizens should know is now on the record. Rhode Island state government has released a 340 plus page report of data on it. Page 165 of the report states that the average wind speed across the state is below the minimum federal standards to support wind power.

In plain language, that means that in Rhode Island, the desire for windmills is mostly a pipedream. The skeptics were right all along. Anyone who tries to erect a windmill without taking honest wind tests is a gullible fool. They will probably fail.

This also exposes the real reason why some people pursue renewable energy; to get its only benefit which is grants and credits paid for by taxpayers. Freeloaders LOVE that!

The most audacious example of such freeloading is a state Senate bill number 735. It would give large sums of money, to be used on renewable energy promotion, to the very same government body that wrote the report that wind power is generally not feasible in Rhode Island. It literally funds a pipedream!

All citizens should demand that this boondoggle be stopped.

The report discussed above can be found by Googling ‘Rhode Island State Renewable Energy Siting Partnership Final Report’ (page 165).

Nicholas Ratti, Jr.
28 Hydraulion Ave.


  1. And you think this is all by chance that only rich, white democrats are getting all the “renewable” subsidies. All about the graft. Just ask Joe Kennedy and and wife and their 1 Million dollar a year government gift.