Letter: Why were local businesses bypassed on website?

Letter: Why were local businesses bypassed on website?


To the editor:

An open letter to the Town Council and citizens of Portsmouth:

The Portsmouth Business Association (PBA) would like to formally state its objection to the Portsmouth Town Council’s decision to award a contract without giving local businesses an opportunity to bid.

The Town Council has contracted a website design firm, CivicPlus, based in Manhattan, Kansas, to redesign the Portsmouth town website. Local businesses were not notified of this project or were given a chance to bid.

While the town council is not in violation of any rules or regulations, the PBA does not believe that the town council has acted in the best interest of Portsmouth residents and local businesses.

The PBA, a volunteer-based organization founded by members of the local business community in 1993, aims to create a positive business environment which benefits both its members and the community as a whole. The PBA believes small businesses are the backbone of a community like ours and should get major consideration in all town decisions.

John C. Farley

President, Portsmouth Business Association