Letter: Why legalize ‘stink weed?’

Letter: Why legalize ‘stink weed?’


To the editor:

I have a new reason to oppose the legalization of marijuana in Rhode Island. It stinks!

Recently there has been a noticeable effort by some in the media, and in government, to enumerate the potential benefits to society, mainly tax revenue, that would result from legalizing the sale and use of recreational marijuana.

The advocates preach that it is really not as bad as other forms of sensory numbing products, like tobacco and alcohol. And, of course, it would not encourage advancement to more dangerous drugs.

At the same time we read about the noble decision by the CVS drugstore chain to eliminate the sale of cigarettes beginning in October (why not immediately?) in order to remove the lethal danger of nicotine from its shelves.

There now seems to be a great inconsistency in attitude towards tobacco and marijuana. Tobacco is being demonized. Marijuana is being tolerated, if not encouraged. However, no one points out the fact that both substances, when burned in cigarette form, simply smell terrible.

Laws have been passed to prohibit smoking cigarettes in public places, even in the open air, where the passing population might be offended. Of course, there are still many places and opportunities where cigarette addicts can “grab a smoke.” Our nostrils reveal that fact frequently when we are out and about.

So why should society be subjected to another form of stink weed? Will marijuana smokers restrict its use to the interior of their home premises? Of course not.

I do not attempt to join the forces that oppose marijuana for health or social reasons. They are sufficiently represented. I offer a more fundamental reason.

Marijuana stinks!

C. Roger Wallin



  1. The bottom line is that marijuana is not any worse for you than alcohol; and if we legalize one, there is no reason not to legalize the other. There is an additional good reason to legalize it: By keeping it illegal, we force otherwise law-abiding citizens to go to drug pushers to get their marijuana. If people can simply walk into a store and buy it, they will be able to avoid the pushers. It’s the pushers who get people hooked on other drugs which are FAR worse than marijuana.

  2. C. Roger Wallin is typical of those against the legalization, regulation, and taxation of marijuana. He fail to accept the fact marijuana is already ubiquitous. If marijuana is legalized his life will not be affected in a negative way and yet he’s willing to tell the cash strapped governments and the unemployed that he doesn’t like the idea of it being legal so everyone must lose out. I’m willing to bet a couple years ago he was writing the same kind of letter to the editor about homosexuals. He’s not gay so why should they be allowed to get married or have equal rights. Looks like he’ll be on the wrong side of history yet again. His letter reeks of the old myths that have demonized marijuana for decades. All I have to say to him is look it up! Marijuana is virtually harmless and even has some medicinal benefits where as nicotine and alcohol which he chooses to liken it to have no redeeming qualities what so ever and yet we regulate and tax them. So Mr. C. Roger Wallin, get a clue or get out of the discussion. Thanks.