Letter: Where has Britto been on Pond View?

To the editor,
Candidates expound on issues they’ll pursue if elected. To set the record straight, Robert Britto is running for District  63 State Representative seat. Mr. Britto has stated he “walked the neighborhood, and a major concern with residents is Pond View.” Mr. Britto stated, “ I will continue the fight against Pond View and work closely with residents.”  I find Mr. Britto is not truthful with the residents regarding Pond View.
I am a community organizer against Pond View, who has organized meetings with Toxic Action, DEM and the community for a better quality of life, and a healthy environment for everyone.  I have yet to see or meet Mr. Britto in regard to any aspect or his involvement of the Pond View issue.  Mr. Britto also stated “this has serious consequences on the community.” Mr. Britto if you knew that all along then why have you not been working with the neighborhood all this time?  Those serious consequences on the community are the environment, quality of life and our property values just for the record.  It’s election time and Mr. Britto feels the need to make Pond View his issue to get your vote.
As the community organizer I ask that you think twice about voting for a person who states “he will continue the fight with the residents” and has done nothing from day one. Mr. Britto please do not run your campaign on the backs of those who have been working so hard against Pond View, many of whom have been fighting this for the past 14 years. It’s us who have been fighting Mr. Britto not you.
Jo-Ann Durfee