Letter: Wednesday, we’ll talk about internet safety, predators

Letter: Wednesday, we’ll talk about internet safety, predators


To the editor:

This past April, I sponsored a public lecture on internet safety. Since then, I have received dozens of requests from people who were unable to attend to schedule another lecture.  Responsible and safe internet use is as big an issue as ever with parents and children.

I have invited Dr. Lawrence Filippelli to give his lecture again at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, October 23 at the Portsmouth Middle School auditorium. Dr. Filippelli is a true expert in this field.  Those who attended his first talk remember how technologically overwhelming this issue can be. There is a whole world of danger open to our children as they begin to use the internet and social media. Predators can be anywhere at any time, and we have seen firsthand that no community can turn a blind eye to this topic.

All members of the Portsmouth communities and all surrounding towns are welcome to attend. I am very grateful to the Portsmouth school system, and especially the administration of the Portsmouth middle school for all of their assistance in getting this done. I hope that many parents will take advantage of this opportunity.

Dr. Christopher S. Ottiano

Senator, District 11