Letter: We need Judge Judy in East Providence

Letter: We need Judge Judy in East Providence


To the editor:

Monday, Jan. 20, was a holiday in celebration of the birthday of Martin Luther King, a national holiday.  I was home due to my company being closed in respect of this great man.

That afternoon I turned on my TV and “Judge Judy” was on, the segment that I watched involved two couples living next to each other in a neighborhood.

The first couple (complainants) had resided in their home peacefully for six years, they were suing the defendants for being a “nuisance”, the defendants moved in one-and-a-half years ago, and they were “countersuing” the complainants.

The defendants were frequently noisy and disruptive. Judge Judy asked very direct questions of both couples to determine who was right. Judge Judy viewed a video of three incidents of the defendants in their activities, and the disruption was proven, loud, excessive noise, police intervention, etc. The defendants were full of “stories” and “excuses” for their nuisance to the neighbors.

Judge Judy reprimanded the defendants and told them they were wrong in their actions, no one has the right to move to a neighborhood and be disrupting and prevent the residents from peaceful enjoyment of their homes. Judge Judy awarded the complainants $5,000 in damages and again reprimanded the defendants.

How simple and quick “Judge Judy” was in accessing one’s right for peaceful and quiet enjoyment of their home. How fast she levied a fine.

I want “Judge Judy” in Rhode Island, we need her quick assessment and good judgement and fast action, something my neighbors and I have not had the benefit of in any way, shape or form.

“Judge Judy “is absolutely correct – No one has the no right to move to a neighborhood and be disruptive and a nuisance!!!

I live in an old established part of this city, the houses are old, some historic, this is actually a “Historic District” – signs are posted on Roger Williams Avenue to that effect . We are being assailed by a stinky, noisy, dirty nuisance of a “recycle, c&d” company that moved too close to houses.

Photos have been repeatedly taken (including those below) and submitted to city and state, complaints formally lodged with the city and state, police have been called. This business owner was well aware of the proximity to residential properties,  so this is his bad choice,  the city allowed it and so did R.I. DEM.  the choice was not ours,  many protested but it was  allowed to happen! And, further insult, DEM has allowed this again after the massive clean-up of the TLA Pondview debacle!   We residents  should not have to continue to suffer!

D.E.M is at fault for the continuing of this type business at this site.

No one has the right to move to a neighborhood and be disruptive and a nuisance!

The on-going type business at 1 Dexter Road, East Providence, R.I. has habitually been a nuisance to the residents with noise, dust, odor, truck traffic…since 1998.

This is a dump – trash, old sofas, old chairs, TV’s, garbage,plastics, insulation, the list goes on and on, I have the photos to prove this, and the work on Sunday. The piles are uncovered and exceed berm height. The stench is back, particulates in the air potentially hazardous to the health of people(please look this up for yourself), dust is covering homes and Omega Pond, where it leaves a cover on the ice, horrendous noise is disrupting residents in their homes!

This weekend on a Sunday, Jan. 19, the police were called about the noise and responded two times to 1 Dexter Road. The work there continued on Monday, a national holiday, which means DEM can’t  respond to disturbances as they they have the day off. Where is our protection?

Seagulls are hovering and they are not attracted to “wood” – it is garbage.

The “Judge Judy” story reminded me of our plight – we are victims, the guilty party is full of “stories” and “excuses”, we have provided evidence of what is really going on at this site. The State and D.E.M .is failing we residents, and our tax dollars are paying the salaries, adding insult to injury!

Myself and my fellow neighbors want justice, we want to live in a peaceful, clean environment. We want protection and action taken against this reprehensible blight of a company.  It is in the wrong location and evidence and history proves this business cannot peacefully co-exist with residential neighborhood, nor can there be any trust in the following of rules, laws, regulations from this operation, the name may have changed but the game is the same.

“Judge Judy” levied a fine to be paid to the complainants for $5,000. for the year and half of “noise” disturbance, which was mainly two to three weekends a month – we in Rumford should be awarded far more that this amount each – we have been plagued by this type  nuisance business since 1998, and been affected by noise, dust, odor for many years! Do the math, I am sure “Judge Judy”  would agree we are entitled to a much greater compensation!

“Judge Judy” has it right – it is time the State of Rhode Island, the Politicians, the R.I. DEM, the court(s), the City of East Providence gets it right!

Corliss Blanchard