Letter: We face serious issues — let’s discuss them

Letter: We face serious issues — let’s discuss them


To the editor:

In the interest of maintaining good communication between the legislature and the community, I am continuing to hold constituent office hours in Senate District 11 on Monday, Sept. 30. There is not a person living in Portsmouth, Bristol, Tiverton or Rhode Island for that matter who is not acutely aware of the issues we are facing.

Our economy is lagging behind the modest national improvement. Many of our most vulnerable citizens are dealing with government service issues. I receive dozens of letters per week from constituents who are facing wide-ranging problems. While my office and I are always available by phone and email, I think it is important to have direct communication – time for conversations and questions that are more complex and require more time.

As always, I welcome anyone with specific questions that they are dealing with or with concerns regarding broader issues including our state’s economy.  I’m happy to address pending legislation, our new healthcare exchange, or to review the progress of the bridge funding commission, which has its first meeting on September 26. I will be holding these office hours from 6 to 8 p.m. at Foodworks at 2461 E Main Road,  Portsmouth. Refreshments provided.  I look forward to seeing you there.

Dr. Christopher S. Ottiano

Senator, District 11