Letter: Vote Cicilline in Tuesday’s primary

To the editor,
As I drove through Riverside yesterday, I became aware of what I thought a very strange sight – a sea of Doherty lawn signs in a relatively “blue” community in a very “blue” state.
To the best of my knowledge, Brendan Doherty has never run for, been elected to, nor served in any political office. He is a retired member of the Rhode Island State Police. Period.  With all due respect, his service in law enforcement may qualify him to run for the office of attorney general, but I have not seen nor heard anything that would convince me that he is ready and qualified to represent Rhode Island in a senior-level elective national office.  I am a firm believer that one must earn that position through an established and relative history and track record.
Mr. Doherty has indicated that Congressman David Cicilline has been ineffective in Washington. I happen to disagree, but would suggest that if Mr. Cicilline has not been able to accomplish everything he sought to do, the blame rests with the handful of Tea Party Republicans who control Speaker Boehner and hold the House of Representatives hostage.
I urge all Democrats to consider the extreme consequences of sending yet another Republican to Washington.  Do not be fooled by rhetoric and promises; most are empty, groundless, and an attempt to do no more than appeal to your emotions. We have all heard it said “actions speak louder than words”. I urge you to base your decision – and vote – on deeds, accomplishments, and targeted experience.  Mr. Cicilline has been responsive to the needs of his constituents, has worked hard to advance the economic and social initiative of Rhode Islanders in the 1st District, and holds the respect of the other members of the Rhode Island delegation in Washington.
As for those lawn signs . . . I hope that what I have been told is absolutely true. Lawn signs do not win elections!
Wendy Caputo

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