Letter: Violet mistaken — blame Obama, Reid for budget mess

Letter: Violet mistaken — blame Obama, Reid for budget mess


To the editor:

No white flags have gone up. If the writer knew anything about the Constitution, she would know that only the House of Representatives in Congress has the right to spend money in this country.

The President’s job is to sign the bills after they are passed by Congress, after a period of review and debate and movement through the committees responsible for developing the legislation or the budgets in the House and Senate.

It is not the President’s job to browbeat the Congress and threaten to bankrupt the country because he is not happy with the House. Nor is it the job of the senior member of the Senate, Harry Reid, to refuse to view, debate or run through committee, the 14 or 15 bills sent up to the Senate by the House.

The only two people responsible for the mess that was created last month are the President and the Senate majority leader. No one else. Vilifying the Republicans is a mistake. It is straight out of the Bill Ayer playbook.

Ms. Violet needs to engage her brain before she writes. Maybe she also ought to read the Constitution. She might learn something about the republican form of government which this country is supposed to operate under: Of the people, by the people and for the people. Something Washington does not know about.

Bernard P. Giroux

Fall River


  1. Even if you were to take Bernard’s ludicrous interpretation as plausible, the question that should follow would be … “Then why were the Republicans in the House so persistent and vociferous in that the President needed to be involved” ?

    The president and senate leader both wanted a clean bill. The republicans in the house did not, and actively took steps to ensure that one could not be brought up. When the house backed down, what emerged was the clean bill originally asked for.

    • Raymond, It is obvious that you are a typical uninformed left wing
      nut job. Bernard is 100% correct in his statement. Why don’t you
      try educating yourself and actually read the constitution!

  2. I might add, it’s the legislative branch’s duty to write law. Yet all these federal departments (HHS, HUD, EPA, Treasury, USDA, Energy, Education, Labor, etc., etc., etc.) are burping out hundreds of new laws week in and week out.

    How do they do that given they sit below the executive branch, which is supposed to enforce laws and note make them? And why does the president selectively enforce laws? This whole constitutional republic has been turned on its head by a bunch of lawless thugs inside the beltway who believe the ends justify the means.