Letter: Traffic light at school a waste for taxpayers

Letter: Traffic light at school a waste for taxpayers


To the editor:
I am addressing an issue that as a tax payer I find it wasting tax dollars for a purpose not making any CENTS but costing the taxpayer dollars.  I brought a concern to the school department last October as why the traffic signals that are in place on Bradford Street are left on 24/7 and with the fact that the road is closed off during school hours, what was the reason these lights are even in use!  Not receiving a response for weeks, I finally received an e-mail via the superintendent’s secretary instead of the responsible person; with a response as it was for the “safety of the students crossing”.

That still did not answer my question as why do the lights need to be left on 24/7?  My concern was addressed to the town administrator, not having received a response I then addressed the issue to the town council at April’s meeting.  Their response was to readdress this issue back to the school department.

This issue is not about the safety issue, but the need to keep those lights running 24/7 when a timer could be installed to make the lights operational during school hours and then shut off the lights, which would save tax dollars.  This issue was brought forward to the school department when these lights were still operating during the week school was on spring break, which shows the school department does not have any concern on the waste of taxpayers’ dollars.

Dave Silvia
503 Wood St.


  1. We DEMAND the TOWN ADMINISTRATOR immediately cease all activity and repond personally to our concern about those traffic lights !!! LOL !!!

  2. hey Focus, I get the LOL, but if more people that agree about this called the Admin, and relayed their concern, maybe they do something about it. One persons voice is not being herd over the bureaucrats running to school dpt

  3. Traffic lights, $1 on your tax bill, small potatoes. “More people” might care to be concerned about the character of the new harbor master.

    • Yeah, but the building lights which are left on all night are a lot more than a dollar and since the road is blocked off all day the actual red light and accompanying electronics are not necessary there. It could be used elsewhere.

      They hired a Coast Guard retiree to fill the Harbor Master position. Are you bothered some local yocal wasn’t hired?

  4. Focus, If you know for sure that these lights only cost a $1.00 then please provide this, otherwise don’t provide statements that you can not be sure off. It doesn’t matter if it is only a $ there is no need to have these lights run 24/7. If you do not agree then that is you right. but stop trying to bash my opinion. What does the new HM have to do with this concern, nothing have a great day

  5. Honestly, if anyone in this state cared about the wasteful spending of tax dollars, they would change the way they vote. They voted for a guy who committed voter fraud?! Where are the morals? Integrity? Human decency? That traffic light is small potatoes compared to the much larger issues going on here. This is a fine example as to why nothing will ever change in this state. We are no longer circling the drain, we are headed straight down it. People bicker about the most ridiculous things while ignoring the BIGGER ISSUES.

    • Jenn Palumbo, I have to disagree, yes waste of tax $ are a continued problem, but here this issue was called out for an explanation and nobody will respond. So if a dept of town government wants to waste tax $, and don’t have to answer to anyone, what stops the bigger issues to worry about concerns of taxpayers. If people {taxpayers} aren’t willing to step up and say something, this will continue. Our present Governor is an example, if he is voted back into office, then this issue speaks volume as taxpayers do not care.

  6. No, you’re wrong, thousands of taxpayer’s bills will not go up even $1 to keep those lights on. You are also wrong about my statement about the new harbor master. “Character” doesn’t mean “local yocal” in any dictionary. Google it.

    • It’s too bad you didn’t get your dog in the Harbor Master’s position.

      Local yocals can’t always get their way.

  7. Focus – you need to refocus on this subject again nothing about the HM is important in this post, and again your statement if you can prove it still doesn’t apply. im done here!