Letter: Tolls connected to many issues

Letter: Tolls connected to many issues


To the editor:

I would like to address some issues that Sen. Paiva Weed spoke about in the Newport Daily News on Jan. 6. As she stated, there are many issues on their plate this legislation session, (but) she fails to see how many things are connected.

If the senator believes that the food pantry has doubled now, how does she think it will be when the working class people have to pay a toll every day? Don’t you think there will be less food on their table?

She stated that everything we do should be seen through the lens of the economy. I’m looking though that lens and what I see is that Aquidneck Islands economy will be flattened, therefore it will affect all Rhode Islanders. What lens are you looking through senator?

We are already 49th in unemployment. When businesses don’t come here, when we become a totally gated community, and when businesses move on because of the blasted toll, where will our rating be then?

I am all for social issues, but what about our infrastructure? Instead of spending less, our good governor is stating the only way to fix it all is to place the whole infrastructure burden on a fraction of the people in the state.

I am all about a good credit standing, but were the voters asked about the 38 Studio? What about the people that made that huge decision for us, and now telling us all that it is in our best interest to pay? If I don’t watch my budget and spend recklessly, the only one who suffers is me, not the whole state.

I think that the toll on the Newport Bridge should be done away with as well. The bonds that were borrowed have long since been paid. But yet again, instead of less spending, we have RITBA in the Taj Mahal, and the folks again on Aquidneck Island paying for it.

I hope this legislative session gets very bold, and says enough is enough.

Last but not least, 2014 is an election year, and the 31,000 people who signed the petition will not forget.

So senator, please do what is right for your friends, neighbors, constituents and everyone on Aquidneck Island and say, no toll.

Please join me and let the senator know at [email protected]

Jeanne Smith


Editor’s note: Ms. Smith is a member of the group S.T.O.P. (Sakonnet Toll Opposition Platform).


  1. yes we have to remove these folks from office no matter what the outcome of the TOLL commision, anyone who voted against the tolls in one bill but then voted for them in the budget as a whole should be removed, never mind those who tried to appease us with MITIGATION!!!!
    Thousands of people signed to stop this and thousands more have now taken the same view, why should we pay millions a year for a failed video game and bridge maintance? wake upfolks. your pockets are being picked