Letter: Toll supporters need not ask for our votes

Letter: Toll supporters need not ask for our votes


To the editor:

Much as we all dislike the impending tolls, those of us who must use the bridge would be silly not to take advantage of the current reduced fee.

I don’t have any idea of the number of people who will end up having to pay for the transponders and basic toll fees but it is probably a fairly decent number. In any event, if the tolls were to be eliminated, and I would like to see that, the state has already stated that the fees are not refundable. If two thousand people bought, at a minimum of $25, that $50,000 could be enough to get us past the next election and I’m certain the bridge would still be standing.The politicians would take credit for the rollback and could then reintroduce a toll … unless we are vigilant.

Best idea is to make certain that anyone who voted for the toll does not ever get voted into any statewide office again.

Dick Sterne