Letter: Tiverton planner: Two town councilors had it right

Letter: Tiverton planner: Two town councilors had it right


To the editor:

I would like to thank two of the six counsel members who voted against hiring a full-time planner.

Councilors Chabot and Arruda had the good sense to vote no on the proposal while Councilor Gerlach was absent. As a member of the Budget Committee, I spent time looking at the monthly reports the planner sends to the Town Council on activity in that department. The reports stated there was little to no activity month after month. This is why I voted for a part-time planner. There is no need for a full time position since there is really no development in town.

Now we learn the town’s union is filling a complaint because the council violated the terms of the contract — $$$$. The advise given to the council was obviously flawed. We as taxpayers will be burdened with legal costs and a full-time position that funding was not provided for. Joe Sousa



  1. Is this the same Joe Sousa who posted with a few dozen fake names and threatened many people on another website. Why does this man have such a weird desire to be heard.

  2. Some questions: Where is the council getting the funds for this position, what’s nature of the union “complaint” and what was the flawed legal “advise”?

  3. Joe if anyone has ruined a site it would be the guy who was banned once for making a death threat and then again for just being plain nasty and spamming the daylights out of the site with plagiarized articles and posts. Back to the topic at hand though, the town is a mess with zoning regs and is clearly having trouble bringing in business. Perhaps a planner would help remedy those issues.

  4. I agree with Rick. A planner would help remedy those issues. As far as the money is concerned it is a line item in the budget already at $20,000 (part-time) it’s on page 7. #14 in the town charter gives the tc the right to move money around to cover that position at full time.

    Hinting at other issues such as union disagreements without giving further details/proof is just another example of how rumors float around and are not taken seriously.