Letter: Tiverton can do without high-price ladder truck

Letter: Tiverton can do without high-price ladder truck


To the editor:

Again this year the citizens of Tiverton will be asked to purchase a ladder truck. Keep in mind that we have many years of payment left on several trucks we just purchased.

This truck has limited use. Power lines, roads on a grade, trees, parked cars, snow drifts  and so on limit the use of such a large piece of equipment. It’s so big it doesn’t fit in the north end station. We would have to build an addition on the station just to house it . $$$$

I’ve been watching the Fall River Fire Department. They have three ladder trucks. Just the other day they went to a fire where the street was full of parked cars. They took a 32-foot ladder to the scene while the truck stayed parked.

I’m not saying these trucks don’t have a use. They save countless lives around the country and cut down on property loss. My point is there is not enough need for one when Fall River has three available. We send our police and firefighters into Fall River very often — many more times than Fall River comes here. Just read the police and fire report in the Fall River Herald. I saw the stats prior to the retirement of the town administrator. Fall River has never complained about helping us with fires. They have had mill fires that would have taken out neighborhoods without our help .

We are a small community with ridiculously high taxes . We can’t afford luxury.

Pave the roads, fix the bridges in town that we are responsible for. Keep the parks and ballfields in good order. I could go on all day about the needs in town. A ladder truck is not my priority.

Joe Sousa

Member, Tiverton Budget Committee


  1. Why should Fall River taxpayers go without the fire protection they paid for just because you’re cheap? Fall River is a busy city; whose to say they will always have a truck available to send?

    Penny-wise and pound foolish.