Letter: Thanks to Portsmouth 375th Steering Committee

Letter: Thanks to Portsmouth 375th Steering Committee


To the editor:

What an exciting year it was for Portsmouth residents celebrating the town’s 375th anniversary! From the Jan. 1 Polar Dive, an event which attracted hundreds of people, to the Dec. 31 Polar Plunge, the 375th Steering Committee offered a wife range of events for townspeople of all ages.

James Garman’s series of illustrated talks, windmill tours at Prescott Farm by the Newport Restoration Foundation, The Friends of Anne Hutchinson’s celebration at Founders’ Park, the Portsmouth Community Players’ “Living History Walk” and our own exhibit, “Southside, Northside, All Around the Town,” were among the events which featured town history.

Entertaining and amusing occasions brought families out to join the fun: Earth Day kite-flying, helping Girl Scouts construct their birthday cake float, the ice cream train ride, Family Day picnic and games and the Christmas tree lighting at the library. And who can forget the community participation in the Grand Parade? These are samples of myriad events, big and small, which engaged citizens and organizations throughout the year.

We at the Portsmouth Historical Society salute each and every member of the 375th Steering Committee for their imaginative ideas, for their time and talents given freely for the good of the community and for encouraging organizations to join the celebration.

Last, but not least, we thank the merchants, eateries and other businesses who offered both real and financial support to 375th events. On behalf of the Portsmouth Historical Society Board of Directors, thanks for a memorable year and a job well done.

Anne B. Wagner

Secretary, Portsmouth Historical Society Board of Directors