Letter: Spring’s first tease — time to plant the peas

Letter: Spring’s first tease — time to plant the peas


To the editor:

For many people St. Patrick’s day means wearing something green, but for me it signals it’s time to plant my sweet peas. The English grow such wonderful ones because they have cool nights but I found a variety at Select Seeds that is “more heat resistant than Spencer types.” It is called Perfume White Cloud and I hope it will do really well for me this year as I read they like an alkaline or sweet soil. Well, if you have been gardening around here you will know that is something we don’t have, so I saved my wood ashes and worked them into the area where I will be planting. If you don’t have wood ashes or a way to get some, lime will do.

Of course a day at 50 degrees makes us think spring is near but having lived through some miserable Aprils it is best not to get your hopes up but to treat April 21 as the vernal equinox.

I hope you have a little patch of snowdrops as they are truly a winter flower and come bravely through our intermittant ice and snow I potted some of my double ones today for a birthday present and was astonished to find that they had a sweet peppery scent. Getting down to sniff them on the ground is something I can not do, so it was a lovely surprise.

The red winged blackbirds are chirring away in the back forty and my chipmunk has decided to leave his winters quarters and scamper along the stone walls, but it will be some time yet before the spring peepers give us real hope for spring.

Sidney Tynan

Little Compton