Letter: Spring tease brings thoughts of seeds, flowers

Letter: Spring tease brings thoughts of seeds, flowers

Blue angelonia

Blue angelonia
Blue angelonia
To the editor:

Fifty degree days and bird songs should not beguile us into thinking spring is just around the corner. There are a great many corners to go around before then, as any of us living in southern New England know full well. March and even April can produce really nasty days so relish this respite.

A short marshy walk did get me into the walled garden where I found a totally unexpected  clump of snow drops. I am having trouble understanding their interior clock which made them push up through the cold and snow. Its as though it didn’t matter. I also found that my Hellebores, aka Christmas roses but perhaps this year St. Patrick’s roses, were full of buds waiting for their time.

If you want to hasten spring, now is the time to cut forsythia, and if you have them, Chinese witch hazel, jasmine nudiflorum, and flowering quince and bring them in to a sunny window.

I am cutting back on my flower beds and am going to concentrate on a bed closer to the house. I managed to order only eight packets from four different companies. Of all of them I am most anxious to see a blue angelonia which Harris Seeds promises will be true blue. We all know that a seedsman’s idea of blue is often quite different from ours so I will let you know come July. Angelonia is a fairly new annual for our summer gardens and comes in combinations of purple and white. Multi-branched, self-cleaning, a robust bloomer, happy in any weather, rabbit-proof, it has my vote for the plant to have.

So scatter those seed catalogues around the house, clean out a drawer a day before outside chores demand your attention and, above all, be patient.

Sidney Tynan

Little Compton