Letter: Slobs and their cigarette butts — even on sacred ground

Letter: Slobs and their cigarette butts — even on sacred ground


To the editor:

On the Saturday of Earth Day, my Boy Scout son and I along with 15 other volunteers picked up trash along different sections of Main Road.  We found everything from tires and bottles to small appliances.

But do you know what 90 percent of the trash was? Cigarette butts! Do you know how hard it is to pick up those tiny papery wrappers?  They are trash and it is disgusting.

If you choose to smoke, and I think you are crazy if you do, please throw out your owns butts.  What makes you think you can throw them on the ground and wait for others to pick them up? Do they smell? Do you not want them in your car? But my 11 year old son and I should be picking them up?

Let me tell you that my father had cancer of the esophagus — he had it removed and his stomach was moved up and  connected to his throat.  He had a tough time eating and would choke on easy things such as pasta.  I had to take care of him with a 2-year-old and 4-year-old and he passed away from the cancer in 2006.  My children barely remember him but with every cigarette butt I pick up I get enraged.

Why I am bringing this up now is because my two sons and I attended the Veterans Day ceremony at Beech Grove Cemetery.  It was beautiful and moving except for the fact that a gentlemen behind my non-Scout son and I  was smoking. When he was done he proceeded to step on the cigarette butt and leave it on the cemetery ground — sacred ground for all of our beloved dead, not only our war heroes.  My son and his friends then sat down and I had to worry about whether or not the cigarette was extinguished properly.

Please,  I urge anyone who smokes to think of your community and the people who may be picking up your trash.  If you chose to smoke, pick up the cigarette butt when you are done.

Disposing of my own trash,

Kelly Dean