Letter: RITBA goes to absurd lengths to get my toll dime

Letter: RITBA goes to absurd lengths to get my toll dime


To the editor:

As one of many who protested the implementation of any kind of tolls on the Sakonnet River Bridge and wrote numerous letters to the editor on the topic, I also pledged that, as a sign of protest, if I ever had to cross the bridge I would take down my Rhode Island EZ-Pass transponder and not pay the 10-cent toll. Wrong!

My RITBA EZ-Pass statement notification arrived the other day e-mail, and — zap —we gotcha.

Surer then heck there it was — a 10-cent toll charge for my having crossed the bridge about a month ago, sans transponder?

The first thing that came to mine was that David Copperfield and his magic act had to have been employed as what took place was impossible. It had to be an illusion, or so I thought.

Obviously the folks down there at the RITBA are lot smarter then am I — as just stated, Gotcha.

But how in the name of God did they do it? More-so, at what cost to obtain the lousy 10-cent toll?

As we know, every car passing over the bridge, whether or not it has a transponder, is photographed.

Turns out that, at what must be astronomical cost and waste of manpower, RITBA has every photograph looked at, the license plate noted, a check made of its data base to see if the vehicle/owner has a RITBA issued transponder — and if so his/her account is debited 10-cents!


Tom Letourneau