Letter: Readers showed their patriotic spirit

Anne Wagner (far right) leads participants in a reading of The Declaration of Independence on July 4 in Portsmouth.

To the editor:

Pouring rain on the morning of the Fourth of July did not deter 34 intrepid Portsmouth citizens from turning out for the reading of the Declaration of Independence.

We expected to be outdoors on the library grounds. Fortunately, Carolyn Magnus, library director, opened the program room for us, so we were warm and dry.

Participants were decked out in a variety of red, white and blue garb and were full of patriotic spirit. In fact, as they dispersed to attend other celebrations, everyone agreed, “Let’s do it again next year!”

We appreciate the fine attendance and we heartily thank Carolyn for her generosity in making the indoor space available.

Anne B. Wagner


Marjorie Wilkey