Letter: Portsmouth pond’s walking trails a ‘jungle’

Letter: Portsmouth pond’s walking trails a ‘jungle’


To the editor:

Yesterday, my car broke down at the Portsmouth Town Hall. Fortunately, an auto repair shop just up the road was able to haul the car in for repairs. Rather than accept a lift home, I chose to jog as far as I could then walk the rest of the way.

When I arrived at the intersection of Boyd’s Lane and Anthony Road, I decided to take in the beauty of North Pond and walk the shoreline path to the railroad tracks, which were a shortcut to my home near Bristol Ferry Road. The alternative was to risk life and limb walking up Boyd’s Lane to Mt. Hope Bridge along a walkway not greater than 18 inches, in places, between the traffic and grassy embankments.

I negotiated about 75 yards of the Aquidneck Land Trust’s nature walk when an impenetrable jungle precluded further progress. Unfortunately, Tarzan and Jane must have been out of town and, without any African big-game hunter/guides to assist me, I was forced to retreat to Boyd’s Lane and dodge the traffic as I trudged uphill back home.

The sign at the beginning of the North Pond trail boasts “Aquidneck Land Trust —Partners in Preservation.” Who are these partners and where is the preservation? The Army Corps of Engineers did a fine job restoring this once stagnant pond to estuary status years ago. The problem has been, and remains, that no one has taken responsibility to maintain the walking trails on either side of the pond. North Pond could easily be, and should be, a gem for the town of Portsmouth and its environmental conservancy. Until that luster is restored, however, I’ll accept that ride home from the auto shop from now on.

John Quatromoni



  1. Superb letter of concern. Now here’s a thought: instead of complaining, how ’bout organizing a clean up crew? We can all write letters til out typing fingers turn blue, complain about the government, the pollution, the wars… but this is OUR world, our town, our nature path. Stop expecting everybody else to fix it and put your boots on the ground. You might meet some great people, get a great job done, and have an amazing day outside.