Letter: Please Sidney, keep writing through the winter

Letter: Please Sidney, keep writing through the winter


To the editor:

One of my favorite places to go when opening my Sakonnet Times each week is to the Letters to the Editor.  Not only can I often find much humor, much foolishness, and all around small town gossip, I especially look forward to the periodic submissions offered by Ms. Sidney Tynan.  Her observations of nature are so well written, and thus so very well received.

Her letter printed in the November 7 issue was up to her high standards, and again all readers were treated to more of her free teachings of the beauty of nature in our area.

Ms. Tynan … Please don’t take the winter off!  Perhaps you will bring a smile even if it is to let us know just how you are enjoying the winter stars.

Frank Rodrigues



  1. I, too, find Ms. Tynan’s comments and thoughts so enjoyable. I hope she continues to record and share her experiences and special moments.