Letter: Please fix East Main Road frost heaves

Letter: Please fix East Main Road frost heaves


This letter was addressed to Michael Lewis, executive director of the R.I Department of Transportation (RIDOT); and Robert Smith, chief engineer at RIDOT.

To the editor:

Please allow me to be quite brief and quite blunt.

In the name of common human decency, I ask that you do everything within the

full legal limit of your power to modify the Bristol Ferry Road repaving


Please modify it so that the contractor can fix the 24 worst frost heaves on

East Man Road between Sandy Point Road and Clements’ Marketplace.

They are easy to identify.

There are a bunch of tie-rods, sway bars, brake calipers and hub caps lying next

to them.

I offer my services to road guard or anything else to reduce costs.

In all seriousness, please do everything you can to bring the spirit of contract

law up to the letter of contract law to fix the worst parts. Twenty-four thousand people will thank you daily.


Ray Berberick



  1. I bet that $75,000,000.00 could fix a whole bunch of roads. Had they not illegally appropriated the money without the vote of the people, as stated in the general laws of RI, it would be smooth sailing on every road in RI.

    Maybe we should purchase video games that let us simulate driving on smooth streets. Michael Lewis, you should be ashamed of yourself. You may want to consider resigning and let someone who knows how to manage roads take over your job. I wish I could get paid your salary to do nothing too!