Letter: Please attend meeting on road diet

Letter: Please attend meeting on road diet


To the editor:

On Monday, March 31, at 6 p.m., the Portsmouth Town Council will hold a public hearing in their council chambers about the proposed road diet on Bristol Ferry Road that the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) recently announced.

The Town Council is being very generous with their time and this is the best chance for residents to let them know what they think about changing Bristol Ferry Road from four travel lanes down to two and how this will impact traffic in the town.

Personally, I think this area is too congested with backups and delays during rush times to reduce its capacity in half. There will be even more traffic congestion on Bristol ferry Road if tolls are put on the Sakonnet Bridge. But I urge all interested residents to attend and make their thoughts known.

It is our elected town officials who should be making such an important decision like this with resident input. The alternative is to let unelected RIDOT officials who work in Providence and have no ties to Portsmouth make this decision for us.

Please attend the meeting and give your thoughts. Make our representative government work the way it is intended.

Tom Grieb