Letter: Old Lake Pocasset problem finally fixed

Letter: Old Lake Pocasset problem finally fixed


To the editor:

Last winter, while on a tour of Pocasset Elementary School, I had a chance to view Lake Pocasset.

It seems every time we had heavy rain an 18-inch puddle would gather in the southeast corner of the lot. The cause of the puddle was a dam that was built on the corner of the lot. It was supposed to be a cure to the flooding problem on the ballfield near the backstop.

Seeing that this was a bad idea, a local contractor decided to get involved. He could see the damage the water was doing to the driveway and the building’s foundation. The water was causing damage to the structure below grade.

He then contacted Clement Rose of Clement Rose Excavating for an opinion. With 50 years of experience, he seemed to be the best choice for advise. After looking at the problem, Mr. Rose gave his advice, and a price.

At this point the whole thing went before the Town Council for approval. The council, seeing the damage being caused, authorized the repair.

Since the completion of the manhole and drain pipe, the problem has been solved. Some said it would flood the lower field and ruin it. This hasn’t happened — even with all the rain we have had the field is just fine.

I walk that area after every heavy rain. I want to thank Jim O’Dell and Clement Rose for their work . Fixing that problem will save us ten-fold.

Joe Sousa