Letter: No salary raises, no tax raises for Bristol

Letter: No salary raises, no tax raises for Bristol


To the editor:
As if taxes are not enough now, our town council has approved raises of up to 13 percent for town workers. In a state that the rate of unemployment ranks in the top three nationwide this is a slap on the face of Bristol taxpayers. Especially the 13 percent raise to Mr. Cirillo. At his present wage of $68,296 per year, he grosses $1,313 per week excluding benefits, paid BlueCross, sick days, etc. I guess Mr. Teixeira feels that Mr. Cirillo can’t live on this wage. He needs more money. My wife makes minimum wage which is $315 gross per week. She has not had a raise in eight years. Her boss has told several people there that if they don’t like what they earn they can go elsewhere. He says he has a stack of applications in the office of people waiting to take over their jobs even at $7.75 per hour. This gives her an incentive, staying there knowing no other jobs are around.

I recall Mr. Teixeira campaigned on the promise of keeping taxes down as much as possible. He is off to a bad start. I’m sure a lot of people whom voted for him are disappointed they did. The taxpayers know the tax rate would be much lower without granting these raises. In these bad economic times every dollar saved is of importance. Most taxpayers in town don’t make high salaries that some officials make.

In closing, I hope our town council will spend taxpayer dollars much more wiser in the future, or they will risk getting voted out of office. People don’t forget.

Frank Sousa
30 Seabreeze Lane


  1. How can the Town Administrator want to give 13% to the keeper of records, who works 5 days a week at close to a salary and benefits of close to$ 90,000, does not respond to any paper emergencies, but the heads of public safety, who are on call 24/7, 365 days at all hours and they will only get 1.5%, please someone make sense of this for me , I am talking about our Police dept, our fantastic Fire and rescue,and the highway dept department heads who are on duty nights, holidays no exceptions. Well Tony you are off to a bad start, you are giving out REWARDS to individuals who helped during your election, Tony you still have time CHANGE YOUR MIND before it’s too late.