Letter: ‘Massive’ project could produce revenue for Tiverton

Letter: ‘Massive’ project could produce revenue for Tiverton


To the editor:

What does the word “massive” mean? Tiverton, RI, covers 36.3 square miles, of which 29.4 square miles is upland and 7 square miles is water. 29.4 square miles equals 18,854 acres. The proposed Tiverton project covers about 66 acres. That 66 acre area equals .35% [that is point 35 percent] or 35/100th of Tiverton’s land area.

Here you have a site, which, if it had been developed in 2007, would have produced for the town, real estate taxes probably exceeding $5 million, not including employment for about 200, and other fees, licenses and taxes to both the town and the state from the new businesses in town. So, what does “massive” mean?

How about Tiverton’s annual budget? How “massive” is that on a per capita basis? About $36 million for FY 2013 or about $2,350 per capita, based upon the 2000 census. If the average family size in Tiverton is 2.95 persons; that means each family unit is indebted up to $6,932.00 per year by the town. How is the town going to reduce this financial burden on its citizens if it does not permit the development of an economic generator in town? Answer that question, please, Mr. Editor.

Bernard P. Giroux